These projects were led primarily by technical requirements, and featured designs ranging from simple and functional through to sites based on more advanced layouts and templates that were developed by professional web designers.

Accountancy 2

UK Accountancy Suite  •  VB.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Windows Services  •  Dual Database

Accountancy 2 was an unusual project, combining both heavy technical and consumer-facing functionality, aiming to both meet user-experience needs while also meeting the strict requirements of British accountancy. The system was developed in conjunction with several skilled designers, while the technical side involved liaising with the head accountants at one of the UK's leading accountancy firms, defining those requirements and ensuring that they were being accurately met.

Intended initially for small businesses and independent contractors, the system was built to simplify invoice creation and financial tracking, including a catalogue of common products and services, staff members, and banking accounts. Invoices could be automatically e-mailed to clients, and tools were provided to allow for easy transfer from other accountancy systems to Accountancy 2.

In addition to the main accounting suite itself, a promotional website was produced, where users could select a paid plan appropriate to their needs, and subscribe to the service.

Lead Management and Distribution

In-House Tool System  •  ASP.NET with C#, Windows Services  •  Extended Site Family

A largely internally-focused piece of development, this project has been ongoing for many years, and has been regularly expanded during almost the entirety of its life-cycle. As the business expanded and grew, the tools and features were required to expand with them, updated and overhauled from time to time to keep it up to speed with the advancing needs of the company. Its core combines a simple website design for basic management, over the top of several webservices that handle the bulk of the most complex work, including the matching and distribution of the leads to the customers.

In addition to allowing for expandable and customizable filtering to be provided to the customers, the system provides extensive reporting, to provide feedback on data incoming and outgoing, client matching, state-by-state information, and a wide variety of other tools.

Over the years, this project has also splintered into a number of other systems, each tied into the lead database and accounts. Those systems include a PPC advertising system with WordPress plug-ins, an integrated online customer lead management system, online tools for customers to adjust their own settings and fund their accounts, an overstock sales system, and a separate internal tool-set for staff to track and manage potential customers. Additionally, a webservice was built to centralize all lead-insertion into the system, eliminating the need for direct database access in many of the sites generating lead data.

GSMA Connected Wall

Visual Community Space  •  Random Show-Tile Highlighting  •  ASP.NET with C#, Windows Services

One of several projects that I worked on for the GSM Association, this project was developed as a combined community space and marketing tool. Featuring a clean, mobile-friendly design, the site made use of a multi-tiered technical architecture, with the front-end using algorithms to balance both age and popularity when ranking the tiles, while a webservice managed the generation of the tiles through a queueing system, allowing hundreds of tile requests to be submitted simultaneously without overloading the system.

The tiles, when generated, were produced as PNG images in four resolutions, to fit the zoom options available in the front end. Tiles that had been completed and approved radiated from the top left corner outwards in a circular fashion, each according to its calculated ranking.

When being actively used, the tile wall could be dragged around without restriction, so users could quickly browse and open any content they wished to view. But if left inactive, it would instead enter a display mode to show off its content -- periodically it would scroll to tiles and open them up for display, transforming the interactive system into an automated one suitable for presentation support at shows and events.

In the back end, administrative controls and front-end user reporting allowed for careful management of the wall's content, and the controls both allowed for user content to be submitted freely while also restricting the visual content in order to guarantee brand suitability.

RegBox Event Data Services

Bespoke Admin Tools  •  ASP.NET and SQL  •  Data Capture and Analysis

The RegBox project was specifically designed to manage online registration for events, both with and without online payment. The system allowed for the set-up of client forms, with or without payment for registration, and allowed clients to include custom CSS elements to govern the layouts surrounding the forms. Tools provided the freedom to download client data, and to review simple summary reports of the activity involved.

Rather than being deployed and hosted directly, the RegBox site was instead provided as a complete set of source-code and database set-up scripts for the clients to deploy independently.

Admin Tool Suite

Quick Deployment Admin Tools  •  ASP.NET with VB.NET  •  XML Configured

Featured on many of the projects listed on this portfolio site, I have been responsible for building three separate customizable admin systems. Instead of rebuilding the same systems over and over for multiple clients, I worked with a designer to produce an initial layout, and constructed a system that used XML files to quickly configure the distinct admin features, in conjunction with a back-end SQL database. This allowed us to quickly and easily provide tools for our clients, and allowed more time for developing the unique front-end aspects of those sites.

For some more complex sites, the admin could be combined with bespoke features and functionality unique to the site's needs. The tool-set pictured is a modified version that was built to support e-commerce sites, built with stock-level management, product attributes, and sales and order tracking systems.