Brochure sites are mainly design-led projects, intended to promote rather than directly sell products. Most include simple site content management only, though some make use of more technical features.

Unicorn Darts

Full Product Catalogue  •  ASP.NET with VB.NET  •  Facebook Features

Primarily a catalogue and promotional website for Unicorn's range of darts, the website is more expansive than many brochure sites. Including news posting, a full blog, and product searching, the site's management and front end include a number of features more often associated with e-commerce sites. Their site also allows members to sign up to two clubs -- one for players who have scored a 180 in a recognized darts match, and the other for players who have purchased one of their line of Sigma barrels, allowing them to register using the code found inside the package.

The tools manage the complete product range, while uploaded spreadsheets are cached to retrieve technical details about each individual product. A simple system also allows administrators to set up and run promotional Facebook contests which appear on their Facebook page, and in the front end, multiple tools combine to form the UniLab. A combination of customer-support system and promotional tool, it uses Unicorn's proprietary algorithm to find the best darts for your style of play, or to choose the perfect additions for the Unicorn barrels that you already own.

GM Cricket

Full Product Catalogue  •  ASP.NET with VB.NET  •  Facebook Features

Although featuring a small e-commerce element for ordering engraved bats, GM Cricket is primarily a catalogue and brochure site for promoting their product line. With four distinct regional sites, each able to be individually managed, they are able to tailor the site to your specific region. As each of GM's regions has its product line tailored to its customer base, this means each individual site can pitch the appropriate products. The Australian portal was added after launch, with the South Africa and New Zealand portals following soon after.

The site's content is managed through the back end, with all articles, products, and promotional content configured through a set of tools. Regionally, each sub-site has its own set of more limited tools to manage the product line and promotional details for that portal only, but final control over content rests within the master tools.

The site also includes a 5-star dealer section, which has two purposes -- in the public area, it allows customers to locate the 5-star dealers that are closest to them, using geo-location fixed on the postal code. For dealers, however, logging in provides access to a variety of extended information about the products, including manuals, detailed specifications, and very high-resolution graphics for each product, allowing them to produce their own promotional materials for the GM line.

The Profission Partnership

Team Project Portfolio  •  ASP.NET with VB.NET  •  Tablet Optimized

The Profission Partnership's website is a portfolio, intended to showcase the projects and client websites that we had worked on. This version was the second iteration of the company's website, and was built with the growing popularity of portable tablets in mind -- in addition to acting as an online presence and pitch for the team, the redesigned site served as a convenient mobile portfolio that could be shown to prospective clients on an iPad.

Working from the templates designed by the company's creative director, the live pages were connected into custom back-end tools to drive the content, including the homepage carousel and all project detail pages. The projects were then linked together through a ranking system, scoring them according to similar and dissimilar features, to link projects to one another on the front end based on similarities, rather than through simple random selection.

Additionally, for older work that pre-dated the redesigned site, the Work panel listed many of our earlier clients and projects.