As a full stack engineer, I work on all aspects of website and application development, ranging from databases, services, and hosting, through to front-end design and styling. I produce designs of my own, but have also with professional and award-winning designers to produce outstanding web content, frequently working to expand and extend their designs and templates to encompass new functional needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Spotlight Project - Accountancy 2

UK Accountancy Suite  •  VB.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Windows Services  •  Dual Database

Accountancy 2 was an unusual project, combining both heavy technical and consumer-facing functionality, aiming to both meet user-experience needs while also meeting the strict requirements of British accountancy. The system was developed in conjunction with several skilled designers, while the technical side involved liaising with the head accountants at one of the UK's leading accountancy firms, defining those requirements and ensuring that they were being accurately met.

Intended initially for small businesses and independent contractors, the system was built to simplify invoice creation and financial tracking, including a catalogue of common products and services, staff members, and banking accounts. Invoices could be automatically e-mailed to clients, and tools were provided to allow for easy transfer from other accountancy systems to Accountancy 2.

In addition to the main accounting suite itself, a promotional website was produced, where users could select a paid plan appropriate to their needs, and subscribe to the service.